How to Get Rid of Nausea during Pregnancy?

Get Rid of Nausea during Pregnancy

How to Get Rid of Nausea during Pregnancy?

Nausea in the first trimester is one of the most disturbing things for pregnant women, and it also leads to health risks, because some women may be less likely to eat because of it, so the fetus gets a few important nutrients and vitamins, which may pose a risk to it.

Tips can reduce nausea in the first weeks of pregnancy:

There are some tips that can reduce nausea in the first weeks of pregnancy, including:

Get comfortable:

To relieve nausea during pregnancy, the pregnant woman must have a good rest, by organizing the sleep routine by committing to go to bed early and wake up early. It is important to avoid taking naps immediately after eating because this causes nausea.

Choose the right food as soon as you wake up:

The feeling of nausea increases as soon as the pregnant woman wakes up since the blood sugar is at its lowest level. Here experts are advised according to a report published by the German magazine “Tern”, eating a piece of dry bread or biscuits or any kind of fruit, before doing from the bed.

Preoccupation with physical activities:

Pregnant women can try to relieve the feeling of nausea associated with pregnancy by engaging in physical activities, such as short-distance walking, or distraction in mental activities, such as reading books, solving puzzles or even watching TV and playing cards, because such activities contribute to keeping The pregnant woman is busy.


A study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that Ginger is very helpful in relieving morning sickness to a greater degree when taken in the form of capsules. “Fresh ginger, ginger powder (in tea) or dried ginger in the form of tablets more effective than less concentrated ginger, such as ginger syrup or ginger tea.

Avoid fatty food:

In the first months, a pregnant woman is better off eating fat or spicy food, replacing it with vegetables and dairy products that do not burden the stomach and nourish the body at the same time.


Nuts and crackers are good for coping with nausea, as they stimulate saliva.


Always eat bananas because of the mineral salts of potassium and calcium, which help reduce vomiting and nausea by regulating the level of salts in the body.


It goes beyond nausea for some women, who are vomiting more than once during the day, and here women lose a large percentage of fluids that they must compensate quickly with the most fluid intake, so experts recommend some types of juices such as lemon juice and grapes.

Herbal Drinks:

Peppermint, salted and chamomile helps reduce nausea and helps regulate blood sugar quickly. gender also helps either boiled or fresh pieces to exceed the desire for vomiting.

Intake of vitamins and nutritional supplements:

Taking vitamins and other supplements requires that they be prescribed by the doctor, some of which may help relieve nausea, such as vitamin B6, and others may be a cause of occasional nausea, such as iron supplementation, and here the doctor may recommend reducing the dose Described or described form has a slow launch process, it is also recommended to take iron supplements along with one of the types of juice containing vitamin C; To improve the absorption process, in addition, it must be noted because eating vitamins before bedtime and with a snack is the best way To eat.

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