How to get Pregnant fast?

Ways To Get Pregnant Fast

Pregnancy is an important time in women’s lives, unfortunately, some women may suffer from delayed pregnancies. 
Some couples are late for their pregnancies, while others have to wait long periods of time before having a child. 
Indeed, there are many reasons why pregnancy does not occur. Due to the complexity of the organs and members responsible for pregnancy and reproduction in humans, the causes of the delay in pregnancy are incalculable. 
However, there are still many ways to quickly increase the chances of pregnancy or pregnancy.

-Visit the Doctor:

The first step dear is to visit your doctor/physician for a medical examination, to check your health in general, and to know if there is something to prevent the pregnancy, and if there is no stopping that will help you to prepare your body for pregnancy, and in case you are eating a contraceptive method at the first of your marriage, the doctor will guide you according to the type The means, to the action you take when you stop using them, because some means need time for your body to get rid of its effects on it. If you are following a natural contraceptive method, you can stop using it and carry it at any time.

-Wait and hold:

Do not worry and do not disturb if the pregnancy is not fast it will increase the tension and anger and the psychological factor has a significant impact on the ability of pregnancy so you have to wait and patience.

-The timing of pregnancy:

Pregnancy has certain times, which are the time of ovulation, i.e. when the egg is discharged from the ovary to the fallopian tubes, the fallopian tubes are the place of the sperm and egg, and the fertilization process and the egg remains alive in the fallopian tubes and able to fertilize for 3 days, these are the best days to occur Intercourse between the spouses for the occurrence of pregnancy.

-Organization of the menstrual cycle:

Many wives are unable to determine the appropriate day for fertilization due to irregular menstrual periods, and they have to consult with the appropriate physician for proper treatment to organize the menstrual cycle, and be able to determine the days when fertilization occurs, which is the day 13, 14, 15 from the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and care for intercourse during this period.

-Balanced Nutrition:

By following a balanced diet, eating too much sugar is not good for your fertility, it will increase the level of blood sugar that causes excessive secretion in the hormone adrenaline, which reacts with progesterone, which is the hormone that helps you to conceive. Excessive weight or too much thinness also greatly reduces the chances of pregnancy.

-More intimate relationship:

Frequent intercourse increases the chance of pregnancy, knowing that the length of sperm life is 72 hours.

-Do in the intimate relationship:

There are some tips provided by some professionals when practicing intimacy, for better chances of pregnancy: lie in bed after the relationship: preferably lie in bed about 15 minutes after the relationship and not go to the bathroom, but not as common, you should not raise your feet in the air. Choose the right situation for the relationship: The specialists differ on the existence of certain conditions for the practice of marital relationship that enhances the chances of pregnancy, so you and your husband can choose the comfortable and suitable position for you, without complying with a specific position.

-Men’s sperm efficiency:

While talking about sperm, a man’s wear to tights can have a negative effect on their number, and the use of mobile phones may also have an impact on them; this was proved in a research published in the journal “Infertility and Fertility” “Fertility and Sterility” showed that the men who They use the speakers while talking on the phone and keep the telephone in the trouser pocket close to the testicle, their sperm is inferior.

-Beware of painkillers:

Some analgesics (including anti-inflammatory analgesics) work on prostaglandins hormones. The prostaglandins play a role in uterine contraction. It is not advisable to be taken during the ovulation period.

-Stay away from smoking:

Smoking reduces the chances of pregnancy for a man or woman, and a recent study shows that the smoker’s fertility was 30% less than the non-smoker.

-Finally not drinking coffee:

Excessive consumption of coffee may reduce the chances of having a child, caffeine is the enemy that can affect the possibility of pregnancy.

Pregnancy may be delayed because the couple is busy with life and problems. This usually happens when the greater interest of the couple is the work and its many problems, and this will certainly lead to a lot of psychological stress, because of preoccupation with work and difficulties even while in the home, and in order to increase the chances of pregnancy, or rather to endure quickly, it must The couple, spending enough time away from work pressures and problems.

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