How to remove stretch marks after birth?

How to remove stretch marks after birth?

Many women suffer after childbirth from the stretch marks, and this is something very upsetting and trying to get rid of it in various ways and means, and the reason for these stretch marks are due to the severe and sudden expansion that occurred during pregnancy, which makes the skin dry and taut and there are some of these stretch marks sometimes, as the hormones play du Large in the appearance of these cracks, we note the increasing presence of cracks in the lower abdomen area, because it is the region most prone to dilation during pregnancy.

These cracks may vary from one woman to another because of the skin type of the pregnant and the genetic factor plays a role in this topic.

To avoid cracks after childbirth, during pregnancy, the pregnant woman should concentrate on a healthy diet rich in proteins and vitamins especially vitamin C, you should drink plenty of water and fluids, careful use of skin moisturizers to abdomen and olive oil is very useful can be used as a moisturizer to the skin and sesame oil and bitter almond oil, moving away from the warm baths it increases the dryness of the skin, leading to cracks, avoid the increase of weight, as the higher the weight increases the stretch of the skin which means to increase the cracks in it.

In normal situations, after childbirth, these cracks disappear alone without treatment and medicine, where all the cells that swelled in the period of pregnancy begin to secrete fluids and the body begins to burn the fat acquired during pregnancy, especially if the woman breastfeeding the baby.


To remove stretch marks after birth, follow these steps :


Candle treatment has many benefits and advantages. It affords pain quickly and increases the flexibility of the muscles and reduce the cramps and stress, and activates blood circulation and increases the flow of blood in places of injury.

Crack the piece of candle and remove the wick inside.
– In a bowl placed on low heat, add almond oil and wax pieces and stir well until the wax is completely dissolved.
– Put recipe on the lines and massage well until the skin is soaked and you will notice the results after the first use.

Potato Juice:

The potato juice or the so-called “potato ” contains vitamins and minerals that help to grow and restore skin cells.

Cut the potato into slices and gently massage the stretch marks for a few minutes and let its juice cover the area to be treated until it dries for a while and then rinses with lukewarm water. Repeat the recipe daily and you will notice the results quickly.

White sugar:

White sugar is one of the most important home remedies used in the treatment of white lines, it is used to exfoliate the skin, by taking a large spoon of sugar and mixing it with almond oil and adding lemon juice, mixing them with each other well, and applying the mixture to the affected cracks areas.

Aloe Vera:

The pure products of this plant are natural healing and smoothing factor for the skin, and thus may play a role in relieving the appearance of stretch marks, as for the mechanism of use is the fat area where the cracks in the Overa appear daily after bathing.


Olive oil is one of the best natural oils useful for skin and skin where it contains a high percentage of vitamins and minerals necessary to improve the health of the skin, the most important of which is vitamin A, D and E and can be used by massaging the areas affected by the cracks with a few drops of warm olive oil with circular movements Nice then leave it for half an hour on the skin and then take a warm bath and preferably repeat the recipe three times a week.

Coconut oil:

According to studies, the application of coconut oil to the skin on a daily basis may help remove some of the redness caused by stretch marks, and it should be noted that this type of oil is generally safe unless the person is allergic to it; here it should be avoided.


Many dermatologists recommend eating foods that contain the elements the skin needs to regain its attractiveness as omega-3, which is available in fish in general and in salmon in particular, and animal proteins available in red meat, as well as advising doctors to eat foods that contain On the vitamins your skin needs to get rid of cracks such as vitamin C and E, so be sure to eat meals that are rich in the ingredients your skin needs to regain its beauty.


Aerobic exercise generally dissolves the fat stored beneath the skin, tightens and makes the skin more attractive, and in the case of cracks in the abdominal skin, you should concentrate on exercising the abdominal area to tighten it and get rid of the sagging causes of the cracks.

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