Blackheads: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Blackheads: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Many girls face the problem of the appearance of blackheads on the skin, where they find the blackheads are widely spread on their skin, and from the areas where the blackheads spread the face, nose, forehead, and areas around the lips, and young people are the most susceptible to the appearance of blackheads.

Factors leading to the formation of blackheads:

Blackheads are formed when the pores of the hair follicles occur; the blockage occurs as a result of excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands and the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells, and these are shown in black color due to the exposure of the closed pores to the air oxidized. The blackheads usually appear on the face especially the nose, as it can appear on the chest, back, neck, arms, and shoulders, and can evolve into acne if left untreated.

What Causes Blackheads?

1- Oily Skin :

Many people suffer from oily skin because they produce large amounts of natural oils that cause pimples, acne, and blackheads, and to get rid of the problems of oily skin to start a diet based on eating less fat to protect from blackheads and pimples.

2- Excessive sweating or high moisture.

3- Caffeine :

Drinks with a large percentage of caffeine may be useful for a focus that helps to perform job tasks, but excessive intake of caffeinated beverages causes many health and aesthetic problems such as blackheads, so Avoid taking large amounts of tea and coffee daily to listen to skin-free, aesthetic problems, and better health.

4- Poor diet

(malnutrition) or diseases that lead to increased insulin levels and accelerate the growth of skin cells that cause clogged pimples.

5- Cosmetics :

The use of some unreliable or fake cosmetics or skin care products causes many aesthetic problems, blackheads are one of them, so make sure to buy beauty products from a trusted place to guarantee the purchase of original products, the counterfeit products cause the pores to be blocked The skin.

6- Skin Wash :

Wash the skin well after finishing the exercise of the health and aesthetic things recommended by the beauty experts, so as to open the pores of the skin after the completion of the exercise, which allows the passage of dust and soil to the skin thus appear blackheads.

7- Sleep :

Going to sleep without washing the skin to get rid of cosmetic residue may cause inflammation of the skin and appearance of blackheads, so it is advisable to wash the skin before sleep well and use a natural skin lotion contains moisturizing ingredients to avoid dryness of the skin.

How to Prevent and Treat Blackheads :

Before talking about a treatment you should refer to the habits that a girl can follow to prevent blackheads and not to be infected. Basically drinking water is the most important thing doctors recommend to prevent fat gathering, water is the most important natural solvent for fat in the whole body in general, and for the skin, the water keeps its freshness and moisture which prevents dry fat on the surface of the face. You should also stay away from the use of alcohol-containing chemicals, where alcohol is drying up the skin from the water and the sebaceous glands increase their secretions in an attempt to maintain the moisture of the skin, leading to the appearance of blackheads. Be sure to clean the face continuously, and use a special towel on your face so that your skin is not exposed to infection by any means.

How to get rid of blackheads :

At first, you need to take some things to know the most appropriate treatment for blackheads. The most important of these things is to know the skin type by determining whether the skin is oily, dry, normal, or sensitive, as the determination of the skin type makes it easy to choose the right product to treat Blackheads, although there is no doubt about the type of skin, it is better to choose products for sensitive skin, and blackheads can be disposed of through the following methods:

1- Regular Skin Wash:

It is preferable to wash the face twice a day, when waking from sleep in the morning and before going to sleep in the evening, to remove the fat that causes blackheads. But washing the skin at a higher rate, may cause irritation and sensitivity to the skin and make acne worse. It is also preferable to wash the skin after eating foods rich in oils such as pizza or fried foods because these oils cause clogged pores of the skin.

2- Vapor :

Steam, where the team works on the opening of the pores, where the blackheads can’t be removed easily, especially when you think of pressure on the pores in order to remove these heads, and the steam of the face is done by rounding the face to a bowl containing hot water but cautiously, and make the face exposed to steam for Ranging from ten to fifteen minutes, put a towel over the head to take advantage of the largest amount of steam.

3- Keep away from the pressure of blackheads by the fingers

in order to remove them, this method can cause inflammation of the skin and will not prevent blackheads from being again.

4- Tomatoes

It is usually recommended to use tomatoes in the treatment of these blockages, they have antiseptic properties that help to get rid of blackheads, so we can serve tomato juice with fat on the face for several minutes.


Using physics lemon to get rid of blackheads and blackheads they have antiseptic and antioxidant properties, so a little afternoon in a little water and sprayed some salt, this will work to dry the pimples as well as to get rid of the blackheads.

6-Egg whites with honey

We can also mix egg whites with honey to be soft dough placed on the face as a special mask in the areas of the presence of blackheads for at least half an hour, then wash the face with warm water.

7- Cinnamon with a spoon of honey

One of the recipes to get rid of blackheads is to blend half a teaspoon of cinnamon with a spoon of honey, to paint the mixture and leave for five minutes, and then wash the face with lukewarm water, this will help remove dirt from the pores and remove the blackheads from the nose and face.

8- Wash the pillow cover

On a weekly basis to get rid of any dirt or oil accumulated on it.

9- Use tissue paper

Throughout the day to clear the areas where these heads are formed and not to accumulate oils.


Drinking water frequently, especially in the early morning or between meals, helps the skin to remain fresh and beautiful.

11-Protective cream

The use of moisturizing protective cream under the make-up nourishes and protects the skin from external influences. Not to increase the use of perfume because the proportion of alcohol in its composition increases the secretion of sebaceous glands. In severe cases, treatment includes the following options:

Treatments :

1- Chemical peeling:

Removes blackheads and helps eliminate dead skin cells that contribute to the formation of blackheads.

2- During the peeling process:

A strong chemical solution is applied to the skin. Over time, the top layer of the skin is peeled. Light peeling is available through skin products that do not need a prescription, while strong exfoliation is applied by a dermatologist or skin care specialist.

3- Laser:

Small packs of intense light are used to soften the production of skin oils and eliminate bacteria. The laser beams and beams pass the surface layer of the epidermis and reach the inner layers of acne and blackheads without causing harm and damage to the upper layer of the skin. References : 1-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackheads

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