Pregnancy Symptoms :14 Early Signs That You May Be Pregnant


Pregnancy Symptoms: 15 Early Signs That You May Be Pregnant

Pregnancy is an integral part of a woman’s life.
It is a wonderful feeling felt by the woman and great happiness.
She informs her husband of this good news, especially newly married women.
You must, therefore, follow the symptoms of pregnancy and signs from the beginning to know if you are pregnant or not.
It takes a lot of patience and willingness to wait a full month to miss your next period and see if you are pregnant.

Often, pregnancy occurs after the first ten days of the end of the menstrual cycle and remains a very strong opportunity for fifteen days from the end of the menstrual cycle, which is called a window of fertilization, because the uterus before this period will not be ready to receive sperm, as for nearly a week needed to rebuild the wall In the previous month, it was resumed, in addition to the ovulation period, at each cycle menstrual, when the uterus is ready to receive sperm.

The signs of pregnancy vary from one woman to another and from one pregnancy to another because women have different signs of pregnancy.

The most important symptoms of pregnancy:

Menstrual cycle :

Losing a menstrual cycle does not mean that you are pregnant, there are many reasons for this, such as emotional disturbances or a strong desire for pregnancy, the rules may be irregular.
It is possible to wait a month or more before resuming your period after stopping contraception.


The appetite for food will be great.


Fatigue and tiredness also rank high among early symptoms of pregnancy. If you are suddenly exhausted, this may be the solution to increase the hormones in your body.
For many women, fatigue persists for the first three months because of the strong progesterone in the woman’s body.

Nausea with or without vomiting :

All expectant mothers are not subject, but appear after two weeks of fertilization and usually show up in the morning.
They are certainly due to the HCG and the hormone caused by the placenta of its composition.
Between the eighth and tenth weeks of pregnancy, the rate reaches its maximum and then gradually decreases to obtain the greatest comfort from violent mothers.


An increase in blood volume and more active cardiac action may cause dizziness. These can also be hypoglycemic or caused by a drop in blood pressure.


Headache is another sign of a possible pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes.


Frequent urination and this happens when the secretion of pregnancy hormones.


Suddenly, you’ll have a craving for citrus or maybe you’ll be sick of food. If you notice any food problems that were not there before, your body may be trying to tell you that you are pregnant.

The smells of food and drink:

You start to avoid the smells of food and drinks, which were considered a favorite of the habit, because of the active senses of pregnant women in the early times.

Back pain:

Back pain caused by loosening uterine ligaments.


It is a symptom that causes discomfort and can disturb the sleep of the pregnant woman.

The mood:

The mood changes and fluctuates frequently in pregnant women, usually the nature of the nervousness and depression they feel.

Temperature :

Increased body temperature.

All of these pregnancy symptoms are not evidence. To be certain of your pregnancy, it will be necessary to take a pregnancy test that will be completed by a blood test.

Limb swelling :

You will be surprised that your ring may put pressure on your finger, that the size of your shoes changes suddenly, and you will find yourself wearing a larger size due to the swelling of your feet. You may also feel heavy in your legs and pain when walking.

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