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When Can Babies Drink Water? Can I give my baby water?

Can babies drink water?


Water is a very important and vital element in the body so that each cell depends on it to perform its function in full form. Based on this scientific reality, the mother yearns and contemplates her child’s education, usually drinking healthy water at an early stage of his life. It is natural that every mother is looking for the best for the health of her child, especially in the first months of his life, by careful attention to the proper eating habits of the child; can be said that one of the most questions we hear from every mother : Is when the baby drinks water? Simply answer the following article dear mother.

Time to Drink Baby Water:

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (PAHO) have recommended starting water for their child during the four months or even six months, in conjunction with the period in which some foods are served, preferably not given water before this period, as this may have a number of problems As well as reduce appetite for breastfeeding.

How much water is allowed to be given to your child?

From birth until the third month:

Water should not be provided to the newborn child so that he does not fill his small stomach and dissolve instead of the nutritious milk other than that, the consumption of infants in the first months can impair the natural balance of the body’s salts, which may affect the functions of his heart and brain.

From the fourth month to the sixth month:

Providing water to the child at this stage may not be dangerous, but it is not necessary, as research confirms that children who breastfeed natural milk do not need extra water even if they live in the tropics. For babies who breastfeed, they can be given between 30 and 60 ml a day, especially on hot days. But after consulting the Doctor of course. In any case, it is important that the water not replace natural milk or use a substance to relieve artificial milk.

From the seventh month to the year:

At this stage, you can benefit from the development of the child’s ability to pick up things to give him a drink cup.

What problems do infants face when drinking water before the age of 4 or 6 months?

The loss of overweight infants is insufficient because drinking baby water at this age fills his stomach and reduces his appetite for breastfeeding and cannot increase in weight properly. Lack of breast milk due to the lack of breastfeeding of the baby, as his stomach is full of water, this affects his satisfaction and then the amount of breast milk. An infant is infected with what is known as water poisoning, which is not uncommon, but it may occur when a baby drinks a lot of water quickly, causing the expulsion of the infant’s College of sodium and body salts, so that the blood of the baby becomes unbalanced with salts and natural minerals in his body, which leads to the impact of the kidney function.

What kind of water is more suitable for a child (boiled, metallic)?

If the physical condition of the family allows the purchase of mineral water, then it is fine, and if not possible, boil the water and then leave it to cool so that the child can drink it for the same purpose.

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