11 Ways to facilitate childbirth

Ways to facilitate natural childbirth

Ways to facilitate natural childbirth are considered to be one of the things that all women seek to achieve, but still, the natural birth is the second largest human suffering after the burn and it is said that natural birth pain is equivalent to break about 24 ribs.
And in this article, we are keen to assemble most of the methods and means that help facilitates natural childbirth and open the uterus.

Ways to facilitate childbirth and relieve the pain :

1-Walking :

Doctors advise pregnant women in their last months to practice walking exercises because it helps to take down the head of the fetus inside the basin.
Which facilitates the process of descent during childbirth and make it easy on the mother, but do not exhaust yourself to walk quickly to retain some energy necessary for birth.

2-The rise of the ladder :

Everyone may be advised to walk to facilitate delivery, but also to climb the ladder is a simple exercise that makes it easy to reach the head of the baby easily.
Especially when taking greater steps when climbing the ladder because it represents more pressure when lifting the legs up and more pressure on the cervix.

3-Marital cohabitation :

Marital cohabitation in the last month of pregnancy helps to lamination and extend the cervix area, thanks to some of the substances in the sperm, where the prostate contains prostaglandins.
And the orgasm acts on the secretion of the hormone oxytocin in the woman, which stimulates the occurrence of contractions and facilitate childbirth.

4-Eating foods that stimulate childbirth :

There are many foods that stimulate birth, such as pineapple that contains an enzyme called bromelain and this enzyme works on the maturation of the cervix.

Foods that stimulate childbirth include spicy foods and foods that contain basil, thyme, and ginger.

5-Breeding Fruits :

There is a range of fruits that are recommended by physicians for a more recent period of pregnancy: Kiwi, mango, papaya because they contain enzymes that stimulate contractions and cervical ripening.

Dried fruits are also a good ingredient to facilitate childbirth because they are rich in iron which helps you reduce the chances of anemia.
So it is necessary to maintain a balanced level of iron without the need for iron supplements.

6 -Relaxation :

When your nerves are tense, the level of adrenalin in your body increases, and this may prevent you.
Do not be overjoyed when you increase adrenalin levels in the blood, an antagonist of oxytocin is the hormone responsible for initiation of birth and delivery.
So keep calm, always practice breathing exercises, read a lot and listen to quiet music.

7-Massage therapy :

Massage the pregnant body during pregnancy reduces the concentration of cortisol, reducing the risk of premature birth, reducing anxiety, depression, leg and back pain.
Massage during labor reduces pain and shortens labor time by an average of three hours.
The use of essential oils for massage after the 37th week of pregnancy, during childbirth after making sure that there is no medical condition to prevent the use of these oils, and safe oils for use to massage the pregnant: Planned sage oil, tangerine oil, lavender oil, Roman oil, Frankincense For incense) oil, ginger, lemongrass oil.

8-Birth ball :

The birth ball has many benefits as you approach the end of pregnancy, it is advisable to use it and sit and move on the ball which helps to move the pelvis and in the placement of the baby and the head down in the lower pelvis in preparation for childbirth.
Rotating the ball helps soften the pelvic muscles and relieves lower back pain.

9-Drink plenty of water :

Maintaining proper tissue perfusion gives the pregnant woman the energy to push the fetus well, as well as the role of water in increasing the ability of the pregnant woman to bear the pain of childbirth, and it may not be able to undergo many medical procedures, such as taking fluids in the vein.

10-Taking a warm bath :

When taking a warm bath, the muscles become more relaxed and the body is ready for delivery.
However, it is not recommended that water is too hot because the high water temperature causes the baby to strain.
It is preferable to add a few essential oil droplets to water such as lavender to further relax.

11-Swimming :

An exercise that facilitates childbirth because it increases muscle relaxation and facilitates childbirth.

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