11 Ways to Be More Romantic to Your Girlfriend


Romance :

Romance is one of the most important components of a happy marriage, and it is a need for every couple, no matter how long their marriage takes place.
Without it, the marriage would be without a soul, and problems and troubles would overcome it as a result of the spouses’ lack of love, tenderness, and affection.
And the wife is the one who is usually interested in adding romance to her husband because she is the type of soft heart.
This does not mean that the husband should neglect romance.
Rather, he must work hard to be romantic with her and exchange feelings with her, and in this article, we will mention the correct steps for that.

Ideas to be romantic with your wife:

1- Show your love:

Be affectionate physically. Be sensitive with her, kiss her forehead, give her lots of hugs, and give her attention that way.
Showing affection is not the same as if it were sexual.
Give her sweet and innocent touches and it’s really romantic.

2- Planning a surprise:

It is possible to surprise the wife by going to romantic places that are far from view.
Or tell her about a future project on a certain date.
While leaving the element of surprise by not telling her what will happen on that date.

3- Send unexpected messages:

Also, through a daily email or text message, you can be romantic with your girlfriend at no cost.
Choose a different time each day to send the message to keep you excited. The messages can be something simple like “I love you” or be more specific.
Try to do this at a time when she is very busy.
Try adding something new to your daily message by writing it once in the mirror before she wakes up, or by writing it on a piece of paper and then putting it in her jacket pocket.

4- interest:

Giving your girlfriend full attention and focus is romantic, especially when a man is out in a public place with a girl.
In these cases, the man is advised not to be distracted from his girlfriend and to avoid looking at other people.

5-Make a meal for her:

No woman on earth does not resist her husband’s concern for her and his service for her, so send your wife to take some time with her friends and prepare a meal for you as she finds her waiting when she returns home.
And don’t forget to wash the dishes when you finish eating the meal with it. But don’t make her eat a meal alone.

6- Be spontaneous:

Some men revealed that the wife’s act of being spontaneous is one of the things that arouse husbands most.
Because that gives a strong indication of the extent of her feeling of self-confidence.

7- Containment:

In the sense that the wife, no matter how much her social and professional standing, she needs a warm embrace from her husband and her sense that there is a person who contains her and protects her from any harm whatsoever.
Among the conditions of containment is that the wife feels that her husband completes her intellectually, because containment does not depend only on containing in romantic terms, but on containing many types, including intellectual and personal containment and others.

8- Special gifts:

A gift that was chosen after careful thought has the effect of magic on a man.
Try to focus on the things your wife loves most and choose the right gift.
Then she will realize that you are thinking about her and what she loves then will be more open in expressing to you her feelings.

9- Praise her and compliment her:

Offering compliments and compliments is a gentle affair between a couple, as it is one of the simplest ways to maintain romance in a relationship.
When a man describes his lover with the qualities that highlight her beautiful qualities such as her spontaneity, her intelligence, or her way of thinking and solving problems.
Also, complimenting some simple daily compliments on her external appearance, such as admiring her new hairstyle, or her beautiful clothes that make her look glamorous.

10- Support and assistance:

Many changes happen in a woman’s life, such as giving birth to a new child, or she may have health conditions that change her psyche.
And when there is a loving man who is very romantic at her side, he will support and support her.
He performs some of her needs and offers her assistance with household chores such as washing or cleaning.
He is fully aware that he is able to put himself in her place, which will leave a great impression on her mind and improve her situation and make her feel grateful to him.

11- Go shopping together:

One of the best ways to prove your romance is when a guy goes shopping with his lover.
It is one of the things that not a large number of men can do.
However, it only requires the willingness to accompany her to the market and patience during the shopping process.

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